About Me

My name is Christopher Sunthgolam.


It’s true.

I like to say I am Guyanese, but really I’m 100% Canadian. I haven’t really left the country, and I was born here. My parents weren’t though. So, I guess, I am 100% Canadian…from the 1st generation immagration point of view. I enjoy many things, like Animation, gaming, photography, playing guitar, etc. I also buy lots of gadgets. I have an original Discman made before I was born sitting behind me. It takes 6 AA batteries. True story.

So this is my blog site, where I will post about how much I suck at work and why you should never pay me to work. Actually no. This blog was originally intended to highlight my work at sucking at doing things normally, and doing them all backwards and odd. But as I’ve learned over the years, it’s really difficult to express oneself artistically in a way that shows your personality. When I have time, in between contracts, I shall do just that however. I shall show my brain and all its glory. Whether it be learning to make and fail at making horrible water in Maya, to attempting to make a world class music video only to realize my camera only cost $500 and looks like regular YouPoop.

One of my main non animation related hobbies is photography. I’ve recently discovered I’m actually getting pretty good at it, enough so that people are throwing money at me to do photo shoots now. So if you’re here just for that, find the photography tab and view my current best shots.

Check in, leave a comment, watch me grow.



3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hey man. I know the feeling – just about to leave college and realize I surely don’t have the practice I need to make it as an animator either. It’s nice to know I am not alone.

    Keep on working, and I shall do the same.

  2. Good afternoon I would like you to help me with something from a toshiba hard drive and a ps4 I hope your answer, thanks

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