ADHD and a Ziplock bag of Paperclips

So during that¬†blackout (caused by the Ice Storm )¬†I stepped on a few things in the dark, and figured I should probably clean my office. I shall continue to call it my office despite it being slowly turned into a baby room. I’ll just treat the baby in the crib like a co-worker in a cubicle, stealing their snacks and pretending not to notice when they fart.

Amongst my cleaning I discovered a curious bag of colourfull paperclips. Before my wife could notice I was slacking (my wife wasn’t actually home. I’ve learned its best to live my life with a constant fear of her breaking my arm if I slack and lose focus. Did I mention my wife is a MMA ninja?), I grabbed my camera and took a few shots. So colourful.
2013_12_30_Macro_Office_Fun_EDITED-2 2013_12_30_Macro_Office_Fun_EDITED-5 2013_12_30_Macro_Office_Fun_EDITED-4 2013_12_30_Macro_Office_Fun_EDITED-3