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So I got up and moved to Halifax

Haven’t posted for a few months. You know what that means? I got another surgery?


I got a lengthy (ish) contract. This time all the way out in Halifax at:

DHX-LogoSo that’s fancy. I won’t be posting as much as a result, or posting much animation related work. Although, I guess I don’t really anyways. Most of this blog is going to be photography and my sweet baby Lili (remember spelt lIlI for all you noobie noobs).

I decided to drive down with my Jeep full of whatever would fit. We found a random guy on Kijiji to do a rideshare with who was willing to take our beds, dressers, and other large furniture for only $300! That’s insane. So I paid him $500 because not only did he not murder me, he loaded up the truck in Ajax and unloaded once we got to Halifax. Man worked up a sweat. There are good people left in the world.

The drive was supposed to take 17 hours, but took 28 because of construction limiting the highway most of the way through New Brunswick from 110km/h to 50m/h. Here are some of the better pictures we took:2014_09_03_DriveToHalifax (19) 2014_09_03_DriveToHalifax (26) 2014_09_03_DriveToHalifax (30)You can’t really tell from this angle because of the shadow, but the weight from all our gear in the back dropped the back end of the vehicle down about a foot. We were definitely over our load capacity. We even strapped the spare tire onto the roof and loaded the spare tire wheel well with packed goodies.2014_09_03_DriveToHalifax (34) 2014_09_03_DriveToHalifax (41)This guy drove behind us for around 2 hours. I sped up, I slowed down, he was always the same distance behind me. I guess he liked my wind tunnel. 2014_09_03_DriveToHalifax (45) 2014_09_03_DriveToHalifax (65)When we first saw these hills in New Brunswick we were in awe. 6 hours later we hated them. There is nothing our there, those poor kids.2014_09_03_DriveToHalifax (88)Shutter was too slow. Though, thats pretty much what it looked like after driving for 24 hours straight.edited_2014_09_10_VariousLili_Halifax-57Shortly after arriving, I marvel at the masterpiece of pulling a 40 hour run without sleep.

And here’s some shots from around town the first day I was here.2014_08_20_Halifax_Apartment_Hunting (57) 2014_08_20_Halifax_Apartment_Hunting (61)Not sure what’s going on with this tree, it looks beat from the wind. Its beautiful.2014_08_20_Halifax_Apartment_Hunting (71) 2014_08_20_Halifax_Apartment_Hunting (73)I was not expecting this city to be so hilly. This is like San Fran levels.2014_08_20_Halifax_Apartment_Hunting (76)Speaking of hills…the entire City is built around this Citadel Hill.2014_08_20_Halifax_Apartment_Hunting (82) 2014_08_20_Halifax_Apartment_Hunting (83) 2014_08_20_Halifax_Apartment_Hunting (88) 2014_08_20_Halifax_Apartment_Hunting (91)This looked like a house fly, but wearing batman armor. He was very friendly, like most of the people in this city.

I Suck at Nurturing Hardrives / My Review of BackBlaze

I haven’t posted in a bit…that means I got a job right!?

Well, I did get some freelance work with a Toronto studio but now that’s wrapped up.

Actually what happened was my hard drive went and died, and I had to do a massive restore. Luckily I am smart and keep both a local backup and an offsite backup using the service BackBlaze. It’s a good idea to have both, not just one. I know plenty of people who say it’s just fine and dandy to back up using external drives and they need not to waste time on nothing more. Well, you’re wrong, and probably homeless. What if someone breaks in and steals your machine as well as your backup drive? What if there’s a fire? What if there’s a flood? What if some rats get into your ceiling and bump some pipes and the bathtub upstairs drains right into your office? What if your stanky neighbor decides to drain his pool to your side of the property and all the water leaks into your window and everything gets ruined?

Plenty of scenarios. The same way, using an offside automated service like BackBlaze has it’s drawbacks as well. The biggest drawback being the amount of time it takes to restore your data. You see, I had about 1.5tb’s worth of stuff kept offsite with BackBlaze. I would keep my current projects from the last year and my photography stash backed up locally, but the rest of my old work was sitting over there wherever BackBlaze’s servers were a sitting. They’re across this country, across another country, in some building, behind whatever speed caps along the way. Simply doing an online restore of 1.5tb’s would have taken a LONG time since the downloads were going around 950kbs/s. I didn’t have time for that. Nor do I have the home internet option to support 1.5tb’s of downloading.

Luckily, BackBlaze has options for restoring specific files and folders, as well as other options for restoring to a thumb drive or up to a 3tb hard drive and having it shipped to you. The latter is what I choose. They say they will restore up to 3tb to a hard drive and send it, but they wont send everyone a 3tv hard drive. It’s relative to your amount of data. So if you have 850gb of data, they’ll ship you a 1tb drive. Since I had like 1.47tb they managed to fit everything on a 1.5tb drive. I wish I have 400mb’s more data, because then I would’ve been shipped the 2tb hard drive! No matter the size of your hard drive the cost ends up being the same. $180 USD shipping (not import fees) included.

I began the restore as soon as my hard drive went kaput on Monday, and it took around 7 days for the hard drive I ordered to be shipped. Unfortunately they use FedEx, who typically are horrible to deal with. They tried coming 3 times to my home, at different times during the day, despite me requesting (and them confirming) delivery after 1pm. In the end, I had to drive 45 minutes to go to one of their stations to pick it up. They wouldn’t send the package to the holding center that’s 5km away, I had to drive 45 minutes…and then pay them $38 in duties. So, why did I pay for shipping again? Regardless I finally got the hard drive on the following Thursday. That was 10 days after I requested from BackBlaze. That’s not a bad turnaround at all. Like I said, I keep local backups of all my current work so this was really just a bunch of old finished renders, portfolio pieces, demo reel stuff, and 20 years of digitized family videos.

Anyways, the package was put together nicely and the hard drive was well protected. Though I do wish there were some extra padding in the box so it wasn’t sliding around.2014_02_21_BackBlaze_Package (2) Opening it up…2014_02_21_BackBlaze_Package (4)And voila! Cute little sticker. I’m glad it was a 2.5 inch hard drive as well, I needed one of these for after.2014_02_21_BackBlaze_Package (5)It came with one of these fancy powered USB 3.0 cables. Nice!2014_02_21_BackBlaze_Package (11)You can actually use a standard micro USB cable for the hard drive if you’d like, but then it’d only be USB 2.02014_02_21_BackBlaze_Package (12)If you’re using a standard micro usb cable it would just go into the port on the left there2014_02_21_BackBlaze_Package (9)Here’s some extra details on the hard drive. Its a Toshiba Canvio HDTC615XK3B1. It retails for about $89 on sale. There were some scratches on the enclosure, which made me feel like this drive wasn’t new like they promised…2014_02_21_BackBlaze_Package (6)

So I plugged it in, everything was there and worked great. I’ve heard some people report that they had issues with various versions of files but for me, I can confirm there was no issue. Their support said automatically the latest version of every file is sent unless otherwise requested.

The total cost after import fees and currency conversion came to $253 Canadian dollars. Quite a bit more than the $180, but at least I get to keep the 1.5tb hard drive they sent (it actually does fit into the Playstation 4 out of the enclosure). Here’s a video I did showing how to take apart the hard drive enclosure, since there’s no screws.

So in the end would I recommend BackBlaze? Yes! I have tried Carbonite and Mozy and compared to the others I prefer BackBlaze’s lack of restriction on upload caps. I have a nice steady 10mb/s upload and for the most part I get close to that. I’m still using it to back up my machine again, and wouldn’t hesitate (even with the price) if my drive failed again.

A Random Pile of Junk That I’ll miss

Yes I’ve said it before. I have succeeded at my early male task of multiplying. Such fun it was! But also sombering times are approaching. You see, when I used to live by myself I had a tendancy to collect the most random piles of things, and just leave them there on display. Like, horrible art representing fragments of my imagination.2014_02_14_floorRandom (2) Its funny, becuase I am a neat freak 90% of the time. But that other 10% is right over in the other ditch. I like to collect things that I know will be valuable one day. Take, for example, a collection of still in package dead professional wrestlers. When they die, or are looking sick, I buy action figures. Then when they die, I sell them. Call it a business move, call it profitting off their loss, whatever. My hobbies are mine. Go lick yarn! Actually, funny story. When I was 16 I used to have very weird OCD secret tendancies. One of them would involve vegetable crackers, lotion, and the salt off a winter boot. I’d lick them all, and hate it. OCD is a serious condition people.

All that to say, my office is being turned into the baby room. All my junk has to be gone. I’m ok with it, it will just be sad. I won’t have random piles of generationally awesome randomness like above. Lets take a closer look.2014_02_14_floorRandom (3)This here is a Watchman battery operated Television, circa 1985. I’d always say, “when I go camping I’m just going to stay inside and watch tv on this thing”. But I never went camping, there’s too much dirt, and no power, and people use leaves to wipe their bum. In actuality, I used to steal the power cable for my mom’s hair dryer (becuase really who ever had 6 C sized batteries laying around?) and stay up late and watch Mad TV. Oh the memories of Action Jackson and Stewart.

Besides the TV is a bamboo recorder that my brother got me from the Bahamas in 1995. I can’t remember if it was that trip or another, but he was in a pool with Dolphins swimming around and the male dolphin started attacking him. The trainer made my brother leave the pool becuase “the dolphin thinks you’re a threat to him mating with the female dolphin”. Amazing story. More amazing becuase men in my family are notoriously hairless. This flute represents a sort of dolphin charming whistle to me.

Next is a Marshall Pocket guitar amp. I always wanted a shower radio. I had one briefly in college, but I would spend so much time in the shower listening to jams that eventually the thing go so steamy, slid off the wall, and broke in the tub. So my wife bought me this little amp to use as a speaker when I’m in the bathroom. I mainly use it when I’m shaving my head, otherwise I try to harmonize with the clippers and get aroused.

Then there’s a Casey Jones Ninja Turtles toy circa 1989. I loved the Turtles, and all my toys. My parents sold most of all of them at a garage sale for the price of a Tim’s coffee while I was sleeping. Casey is randomly holding a WWF wrestling belt, I guess circa 1996. That looks like the design of the belt The Rock used to rock when he had his sideburnz and eyebrows.2014_02_14_floorRandom (4)What this? OH! It’s an original instuctional manual for a Commodore 64. You used to be able to slide in your favoute 5 inch floppy discs for ultra portability! My favourite game was this gem named Sammy Lightfoot. Look at that box art! Circus machine! 250px-Sammy_Lightfoot_properOf course then you’d start the game and it’d look like this. Sammy_Lightfoot_-_1983_-_Sierra_On-LineI remember the process of launching games on the C64. It wasn’t as simple as just putting it in and hitting play. Kids these days never knew. My brother would have a list of code we’d have to type to naviagate to the right directory, then we’d have to extract the game then run it. It would take like 20 minutes to launch a game. Why? When your typing average per minute is dependant on your ability to have the ABC’s memorized, that’s a bad vibe.

Beside that C64 stash is my Pebble watch box. It’s a Pebble. I like watches, I like smart watches, I like my Pebble. My nickname for my wife is also Pebble. She’s my small rock. Enough said. Hey look a working copy of Blaster Master for the NES. I never was good at that game, but lets be serious…blaster_master_I don’t even remember where that game came from. I was like 5, and I would trade games with people, and we’d never know who had what, then we just kept them. My parents should’ve taught me how to keep inventory. That would’ve been a good teaching moment. Those games weren’t cheap, most were $79-$99 for far less gameplay than you’d get with a freemium mobile game these days. There’s also a green iron leaning on a 30 pound dumbell, some $10 Tritton headphones and love story between Captain America and Hawkeye and OMG a lint roller with a dead bug on it!

*runs and get’s out macro lens2014_02_14_floorRandom (1)I did regret putting my lens on the lint roller, but that’s a beauty! It looks like it made itself quite a pillow to rest it’s head as it died. I hope that wasn’t lint rolled off one of my hats…I really gotta start vacuuming the corners better…


Watch me die like 38 times in Killzone

Man, Killzone Shadow Fall. Pretty game. Though honestly, it feels like a PS3 game with less compressed textures. Some of the models are nice, but most of the geo is fairly low res. They make up for it with a lot of tricks with the lighting. Painting on shadows always feels cheap to me, but hey, corners have to be cut. No point procedurally generating the top of helium tanks hidden away in a space train right?

What the heck is up with the level design sometimes though? For instance, take a gander at this here video.

So, I jump out of some sort of airplane or (I really don’t remember what I jumped out of) and then proceed to glide through a broken city. I die. Lots. I think the total number was 38. Not all of it was even caught on the feed here. Eventually I figured it out, but seriously, if you’re some sort of trained soldier who always has an inflatable raft in his pocket, why wouldn’t you just pull out your parachute and glide around in the air in your raft?

Blah. Capturing footage and getting it online(without a fancy game streamer box) is surpringly more complicated then I’d imagine on the Playstation 4. Live streams work great. In fact, follow me above on Twitch! I wish you could just upload directly to YouTube, but turns out I had to make a temp Facebook account to post all my videos to. Then use a shifty web video downloader to snatch the video off Facebook, THEN I can upload it to YouTube. I’m sure Sony is working on it, adding support for direct YouTube uploads. I just hope there’s an options for a direct 60fps 1080p capture…and that our videos wont be taken down if we drop more than 2 F bombs.

Sorry for the rant. I just wanted pretzels, and we had none.

I Suck at Warframe

No I’m not dead. No I didn’t get a full time contract yet.

Both of these are legit reasons for me to stop blogging for 2 weeks. Truth be told, I was sick. Yes. Sick. We will go with that one…

During my sickness I replayed Walking Dead on my Vita primarily for trophies. Which is an easy 8 hour Platnium. Also my 8th Platnium Trophey if you include the 3 Platniums obtained through the cross sync PS3/PS4/Vita schenanigans of Sound Shapes. I also started playing Battlefield 4 on PS4. Which I said I wouldn’t do until March, becuase I wanted to pace myself and not run out of games to play. Becuase when that happens, I buy games. And when I buy games, my wife cries. And when my wife cries, she puts me in armbars and triangles. Though, real talk, since she is pregnant now her triangle grip is quite weaksauce.

All that to say, I finally tried out Warframe. Its free to play, why not. Procedually generated levels, lots of grinding, not a real necessity to spend actual money. This is music to my ears. So I fired it up. Since I’m a PS+ member I got a bunch of Platnium and free in game monies. So what do I do? I spend it all on Mag.

Yes Mag.

I spent all my Platnium in the game making Mag shiny, and pink, and have guns that are also shiny and Pink. I even spent money to make sure one of the pistols wasn’t shiny (but still pink) to throw things off. Take that specular highlights.

So I met some friends in the game, proceeded to tell them how awesome my Mag Warframe was, when one dude laughed. Called me a noob, and then proceeded to go on a 10 minute rant about how awesome this game was. During this time he let me into his clan (temporarily at least) and I found a glitch in one of the maps that let me park my shiny pink ass where no enemy could get me. I was level 8, everyone else was like levels 30-40 I think. I don’t know. All I know is that there was some Slimer looking enemy and I blew though 300 bullets and the health went down 10%. Then I watched one of the dude do a melee attack and kill it with one hit. I was overmatched. But I got all their XP and credits so it was a fair trade I’d say.

But yes, they explained the wonders of this game, and how it all actually works. Which was not my typical experiance with gamers who call me noobs. There was no tea bagging. No spam signing up of. Nothing. Just a really helpful lecture from a man who should probably write the manual for this game (or update it’s wiki) and reduce his caffeine content at 4am.

Here’s a screenshot. Good looking game for the most part. Though my PS4 sometimes glitches when it takes screenshots and embeds the screenshot icon on top of the picture…oh well.

Warframe Mag

Add me on PSN at iRajiv if you want to play. Yes, I am still using Mag.

ADHD and a Ziplock bag of Paperclips

So during that blackout (caused by the Ice Storm ) I stepped on a few things in the dark, and figured I should probably clean my office. I shall continue to call it my office despite it being slowly turned into a baby room. I’ll just treat the baby in the crib like a co-worker in a cubicle, stealing their snacks and pretending not to notice when they fart.

Amongst my cleaning I discovered a curious bag of colourfull paperclips. Before my wife could notice I was slacking (my wife wasn’t actually home. I’ve learned its best to live my life with a constant fear of her breaking my arm if I slack and lose focus. Did I mention my wife is a MMA ninja?), I grabbed my camera and took a few shots. So colourful.
2013_12_30_Macro_Office_Fun_EDITED-2 2013_12_30_Macro_Office_Fun_EDITED-5 2013_12_30_Macro_Office_Fun_EDITED-4 2013_12_30_Macro_Office_Fun_EDITED-3

Depspite the hypocracy, I shall not give up this domain. Also, Guru Studios hired me for a year.

I guess I can’t suck that much at animation if I keep getting jobs when I want them. Despite a 6 month gap in my resume, my time was filled with lovely things. I beat 6 games, made some short films, kept making money, didn’t have to crack into my savings, came 20% close to earning a Unity Development certication, and did a lot of photography. Finally, when my time was up and it was time to go back to work I sent 3 resumes. Within 24 hours I had an interview, and a few days later a job. Guru Studios brought me on board for a Layout position. This is good news for me. Bad news for fans of my blog (my wife).

Alas, I only blog when I need a job. Its hard to suck at animation when someone is paying you to do said maitionani.  All that to say, this site shall, until October 2013, become an experiment in verbal flatulence.

The Dirty Skin on My Desk Will One Day Replace Me

This is a genuine fear that I have. Every day I come in with my dry hands, flaking skin all over the office mouse and think to myself, “this is bad”. As I look at the pile of dried up skin, and feel the bumps from the mouse moving constantly over it disrupting my workflow I start to wonder. What if, when I’m least paying attention, the skin rebels and starts a mutiny? Maybe the company at night releases mutation gas through the vents that causes the dead skin to grow. Maybe it’s all a plan to replace me with a clone of myself that’ll work for free.

Little do they know, if I AM indeed cloned and my brain is duplicated alongside with it, it is highly unlikely I would work for free. Then again, if they have the power to mutate my skin cells at night to clone me, there must be advanced brain washing mechanisms set in place. This is bad.

But then I remember what the root of the problem is. I’m a germaphobe with an imagination. Maybe I should just wipe down my desk to be safe

my skin will clone itself


Suspicious of Getting Intimate with Water in the Bathtub

Hello to your face. I come forth today with a warning of dire consequences. I have reason to believe that there may be a traitor amongst us…water!

I mean, think about how important it is in our lives and also how much damage it could cause. One day your twittering while on the toilet and BAM your phone slips between your legs into the bacteria cesspool army lead primarily by…WATER! (the true definiation of twitterea in my books). Your phone is instantly ruined.

Picture this moment. A man spends hours, months (even days!) building a beautiful sculpture made of ice. Which contrary to popular belief is just cold water. Amazing. Anyways…when he goes to remove the final legs of the ice sculpture to show his work of art to the world water was right there to ruin his night, and attempt murder in the process. It collapses ruining his dreams, frustrating his life, and causing minutes of depression fueled by an alcoholic overdose. Check the link at the bottom. Completly unacceptable that there were no charges pressed.

Now this picture is the most disturbing. I know many of a you dread prison for the sole purpose of the shower situation. There’s a good chance of you being violated by another human yes, but if you escape, you only escape to a hot and steamy session with…WATER!

I wonder if my girlfriend knows that some nights I yearn to fill up the bathtub with hot steamy water, crawl out of bed, and lay in a tub in all my nakedness with some WATER. Letting it ooze into every crevice of my body while using its sensational powers to both heal and stimulate my achy  breaky body.

Its like some sort of infectious plague that should be treated as a weapon! Kids have it right when they use water as the ammo for their guns. Water, while being deceivingly refreshing, is desensitizing us to its corporate infectious matter. Did you know our bodies are 75% water? Unacceptable. Completly unaceptable. We use water to “water” our gardens, heck, the term “water our gardens” just proves the influence its had on our language! We have dedicated water parks where we play with water. When we get dirty we turn to water to clean up our messes, like its some form of liquid saviour! We can’t escape its wrath, even if we try to avoid it sooner or later water will fall from the sky and ruin our shoes, wet our hair, and damage our sex appeal.

I say we burn water on the stake! But then again, its resistive to fire.

Yeah I’m done this rant, my train is here and I almost wanted to slap the water bottle out of someones hand on the way in.

** Ice Sculpture Fail **

Brilliant inventions and Public Transportation

Brilliant inventions and Public Transportation

So I checked out this set of BOSE noise cancelling (or noise isolating) headphones and they were great! Minus feeling slightly dizzy and on the verge of up chucking, they did what they were supposed to do. I tried them on at Futureshop and once on everything was completly dead silent. Dead air. Brilliant! I didn’t even need music! The way these things work is they have another speaker that monitors the ambient sound level, then shoots some sort of reverse soundwave at you that almost 100% kills any outside noise

So I got thinking, can’t I just like reverse engineer a megaphone and use it like a sonic wave gun to silence people on the train? I mean, in between kids not wanting headphones (mp3 players with built in speakers = worst idea ever), to teens doing their loud teen thing, to loud phone talkers who think by yelling “I CANT HEAR YOU” loudly in their phones makes the person louder on the other end. Or sometimes people just give too much info. Example, Jimmy Neutron over here just had a nice 10 minute phone conversation with someone who has a tumour, is in the hospital in room 1A, and gave his phone number for all to hear. I considered sending him a text telling him to shutup. It would have been entertaining watching him try to figure out who sent it. Maybe next time.

So back to the sonic wave gun. I use some of those screw into your ear tube headphone when I walk around Toronto or ride the train. I rarely listen to anything, keep it mainly as a means to block out the noise. But the truth is, I’d rather not have to. I’d rather shoot them with my sonic wave gun and have all their voices silent. Maybe ill engineer it, and put it inside my old Hulk Hogan lunchbox. That’ll teach them!

Whatcha gonna do brother! When I shoot you in the face with my 23 inch sonic wave gun brother!

Whats up with my face

I have a filthy beard growing in right now. It makes me look like a 25 year old as opposed to an 18 year old. Which is always good when I want to buy milk. I do prefer 1% milk, actually the homo milk is quite nice, but its like 38% fat. Thats too much, it’ll go right to my hips.

On another note, I can’t call my hair vibe style a faux hawk anymore. Because theres nothing fake about it. In fact, its all natural. For a day or 12, it was a fro hawk, good old afro. My hair isn’t that curly anymore, so its not a fro hawk, its not a faux hawk…its a gerry curl hawk. I’ve demonstrated this progression by sketching the following lifelike image, which I’ve attached below

somebody hurt somebody

As you can tell, its almost as if my head is covered in some sort of pubic fur. That is inaccurate. In fact, the circumfrance of each curl is 1 inch (2.54 cm) (0.000003937007874 km). My curls would outrun Terry Fox. Its a good thing I refuse to enter them into any competition, theres too many steroid abuse anyways

Walrus Bucket Problems

I’m not sure what it is about this, but I keep laughing every time I see these

Walrus has bucket
Walrus has bucket

All is well in the world, the walrus has his bucket. And then, almost ruthlessly, this happens:

Walrus doesn't have bucket
Walrus doesn't have bucket

All this walrus hatering has to stop. First the ones from Planet Earth, when that polar bear tried to eat one, then to Snarly my walrus son being nothing more then a hallucination.

What I’ve been up to!

So, my blogs slowed down, but my brain hasn’t!

Here’s what happened. Turns out I got a job, yay! I’m a rotoscope artist for a company called Simex-Iwerks. AWESOME! I haven’t yet started, so what else have I been doing?

Mostly, planning my escape from my house, moving out, trying to figure out how to handle my life when I’m on a regular schedule. The only option I can see right now is buying a touch screen hack for my laptop, and a 3G stick, and trying to cram it in there. That really has nothing to do with anything, but that’s alright.

In other news, I am in the progress of growing a mean afro


Who knew I had family that was Irish. I always thought that shirt I have that says, “I have Irish roots” was comedic gold because…brown Irish people? Come on!!!

But now that shirt can go into the failed novelty drawer. ANYWAYS, don’t expect many updates for the next few weeks as my family is over and I am lacking a room

My adventure at the sleep clinic

So, I suck at this sleeping thing. Turns out its not just my sucking but its potentialy some sort of medicle nonsense.


EITHER way I spent last night in a sleep lab. It was odd. Heres some pics of wires they stuck on me and what I had to sleep with…or attempt to sleep with.

The Personality Module Adapter…This is what they hooked up my brain too. I was clearly on the local network, I could have probably logged on with my iPod touch.

brain computer
brain computer

Here’s some of the wires on my face. This was before they stuck the thingies up my nose and mouth, and gluegunned sensors to my brain. All together they had 32 sensors on me tracking my every eye motion, legs, arms, chest, and things all over my brain. They could read my mind!!!

wires on my face
wires on my face

This kind of looked like a Battleship board. Anyways, this is where they plugged in all my wires from around my body in. GOOD TIMES. Try sleeping with that thing on ya

Bootleg Iron Man
Bootleg Iron Man?
At the end of the night all was well. Except, I barly slept. I had a solid hour or so, maybe more. Could have been like 4, but the people who were watching over me said they weren’t getting enough good chart reading from my brainwaves becuase I wasn’t sleeping good. Thats what happens. At least the room looked nice
Motel brain wave swan
Motel brain wave swan
Uhh…thats all. This is my first non animation post…I hope no one pees on me for it