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Lili Magazine

Let me start by saying I am not a graphic designer. I have very little fine art skills. I understand composition, lighting, layout, and how to bike on ice.

That being said, I’m surprised this project turned out as well as it did. Me and my wife were too cheap wanted to get our families a nice home made gift for the holidays, so we did a magazine project. She wrote the articles, I took the pictures. Etc. Here’s a few pages

Also my server works again, booyakasha!!!!




Some Family Photoshoots

I realized somewhere today that I really need to start charging people money to do photoshoots. I saw a “professional” photographer at Point Pleasant Park today in Halifax doing a photo shoot. They asked me if they could take some pictures of me. I said no. And then they proceeded to ask me all these details about my sun reflector setup, my flashes, my triggers…everything. She had clients with her. I was taking better pictures, and she was making the money. Power to her! She’s hustling out there. One thing I’m not so good at.

The biggest issue I have when I’m photographing is that I’m kind of a jerk, and I don’t think I’m that good. I still think most of my shots are due to my camera being good.  But I guess that’s a common thing for artists always thinking they aren’t good enough. I should put it out there and see if I can make some money. Looking back on the $3000 I paid my wedding photographer, I’m confident I can take better shots.

Regardless, here are some family shots I’ve been taking of our little 3 human family.

edited_2014_11_08_Lili_photoshoot-9I wish I would’ve been in this shot. I was making the same face at Lili to get her to smile like such. Also notice the light pattern in the top left? I was bouncing the flash off my guitar strings and it was doing that jazz. Noiceedited_2014_11_08_Lili_photoshoot-17I’m a big fan of the Bokeh on the Christmas treeedited_2014_11_11_PointPleasantPark-48It’s hard to avoid tangents going through my head when I’m setting the camera on a timer and Lili’s squirming aroundedited_2014_11_11_PointPleasantPark-56  I probably should’ve got up and moved that garbage pail…edited_2014_11_11_PointPleasantPark-100 These were some nice shots at Point Pleasent Park on the arm. This first one was set to a nice 6 second shutter. It was super slippery and pitch black out, so my 1.8 lens came in handy.edited_2014_11_11_PointPleasantPark-94 Sadly though, and iPhone 6 was dropped into the water during this series of shots. Slippery rocks apologize to no one!

Life with Lili

As we talk about on our podcast, life with lIlI can be challenging and fun. So cliched. Shes the perfect baby. She only cries when she poops and needs changing, she sleeps through the night, she lets everybody hold her (on their 2nd try), and she is beautiful. It’s been really fun watching her grow for the last 4 months and see which of her features are from me, and which are from her mom.

edited_2014_09_10_VariousLili_Halifax-61She’s so pretty when she sleeps. I’ve poked her and kissed her so much in her sleep that now she sleeps pretty deep. She usually sleeps in her crib, but, she will fall asleep while she’s breast feeding in the bed, and so sometimes I wake up and she’s all like thisedited_2014_09_10_VariousLili_Halifax-71She can actually reach her hanging toys now and pull them herself. Which means we don’t have to get up every 17 seconds to make it sing. She used to just yell at them, and try and will them into swinging…but girls gotta learn sooner or later she’s not a geenie.edited_2014_09_10_VariousLili_Halifax-91Since she’s been in the womb she’s been shadowboxing. Like her mom, she seems bred for combat sports. I’m hoping she follows in my footsteps and gets into some powerliftingedited_2014_09_10_VariousLili_Halifax-101She’s already getting her pump on with the Bowflex. Good girledited_2014_09_10_VariousLili_Halifax-124Out of context cows. edited_2014_10_24-11-01_VariousLili-4

My grandmother started knitted this bonnet for Lili, and unfortunately passed away before completing it. My mom finished it for us, and it fits her just right. Also, her hands are always in her mouth nowedited_2014_10_24-11-01_VariousLili-7Case in point. edited_2014_10_24-11-01_VariousLili-9We don’t really do the whole Halloween thing, but it still felt like a grand time to try our her very boyish Batman Tee.edited_2014_10_25_Christmas_Craft_Show-31But not for long, we took her out on the town and had to get her red sailor dress all geared up.edited_2014_10_25_Christmas_Craft_Show-45She’s cute, I love her.