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My wife is pregnant and other ramblings

I was thinking the other day, “bumba, I was supposed to get a Powdered Toast Man tattoo at one point in my life”. And then, just like that, my wife is pregnant.

I’m pretty sure that is actually how fatherhood is supposed to begin. You know, with a yearning for toasted carbs slathered in dairy fats. Sounds about right.

Maybe my sucking at animation blog, which is well known to be only updated when I am not under full time contract somewhere, will become a fatherhood blog. Or a “frig I’m stuck at home all day while my pregnant wife works 9-5…and I did just buy a Playstation 4” type of blog. Maybe it’ll be a guilt tripped outporing of desperation filled with bird GIFS

Na, it’ll be the same ol

Bird Son

I Suck at Oceans

It’s been a while since I posted an utter horrible attempt at a piece of work. I’d like to say because I’m awesome and don’t make junk. Yes…lets go with that one…and ignore all the potential clients and studios who gander upon here from time to time.

I tried to make a water simulation in Maya. It failed. I remember when I was back in college using Softimage, I always really wanted to make fancy water. I was determined that if I could generate convincing water I’d get a job. Ah to be 18 and niave.

Alas, here is my first attempt in 4 years…all of 60 minutes of effort.


Whoa! I’m alive and I got a new demo reel!

Its true its true. I am alive. I never blogged because I had a job! And job = life. But now, I am temporarily unemployed (its been 6 days…have mercy!). But alas, I’m still working away trying to get some old footage for my reel (last job couldn’t legally supply them to us), but here is my reel in progress. I like it, notice the person flying out of the O at the bottom during the intro. Its not a glitch.

Rough Storyboard for the next GWL promo

So, sometimes it’s easier to just animate out my thoughts then write them down. Yes. This is a rough animatic storyboard to some ideas of what the next GWL video may look like. We start filming tomorrow, so we should figure out what we want.

There’s still no connection between the chicken and anything else. Maybe we might serve chicken…who knows. And yes the characters are all plain default ones. And yes I used most of all the XSI net animations

My next project…

So, its been a week since I posted. NOT COOL. The family from Europe is gone back home and I have my rooms back, this means down to business time.

Since I suck at animation, I should probably focus on the aspects of 3D I’m good at…or decent at. I’ve decided I’m going to find some free 3D models, toss them in a scene, render/light them, and throw them on my portfolio! Just waiting to hear back from the duders who provided the models if I can do that.

SO, my next piece I’ll be working on is a 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 Super CobraJet. I don’t know much about cars, but this one looks fancy and is a free 3D model, so here’s what his render looks like.

Fancy Car
Fancy Car

And since he modelled it in Maya, and I’m using Softimage, theres bound to be some issues. It imported nicely, but no colour

That’s alright, I wanted it brown anyways…