I Suck at Warframe

No I’m not dead. No I didn’t get a full time contract yet.

Both of these are legit reasons for me to stop blogging for 2 weeks. Truth be told, I was sick. Yes. Sick. We will go with that one…

During my sickness I replayed Walking Dead on my Vita primarily for trophies. Which is an easy 8 hour Platnium. Also my 8th Platnium Trophey if you include the 3 Platniums obtained through the cross sync PS3/PS4/Vita schenanigans of Sound Shapes. I also started playing Battlefield 4 on PS4. Which I said I wouldn’t do until March, becuase I wanted to pace myself and not run out of games to play. Becuase when that happens, I buy games. And when I buy games, my wife cries. And when my wife cries, she puts me in armbars and triangles. Though, real talk, since she is pregnant now her triangle grip is quite weaksauce.

All that to say, I finally tried out Warframe. Its free to play, why not. Procedually generated levels, lots of grinding, not a real necessity to spend actual money. This is music to my ears. So I fired it up. Since I’m a PS+ member I got a bunch of Platnium and free in game monies. So what do I do? I spend it all on Mag.

Yes Mag.

I spent all my Platnium in the game making Mag shiny, and pink, and have guns that are also shiny and Pink. I even spent money to make sure one of the pistols wasn’t shiny (but still pink) to throw things off. Take that specular highlights.

So I met some friends in the game, proceeded to tell them how awesome my Mag Warframe was, when one dude laughed. Called me a noob, and then proceeded to go on a 10 minute rant about how awesome this game was. During this time he let me into his clan (temporarily at least) and I found a glitch in one of the maps that let me park my shiny pink ass where no enemy could get me. I was level 8, everyone else was like levels 30-40 I think. I don’t know. All I know is that there was some Slimer looking enemy and I blew though 300 bullets and the health went down 10%. Then I watched one of the dude do a melee attack and kill it with one hit. I was overmatched. But I got all their XP and credits so it was a fair trade I’d say.

But yes, they explained the wonders of this game, and how it all actually works. Which was not my typical experiance with gamers who call me noobs. There was no tea bagging. No spam signing up of. Nothing. Just a really helpful lecture from a man who should probably write the manual for this game (or update it’s wiki) and reduce his caffeine content at 4am.

Here’s a screenshot. Good looking game for the most part. Though my PS4 sometimes glitches when it takes screenshots and embeds the screenshot icon on top of the picture…oh well.

Warframe Mag

Add me on PSN at iRajiv if you want to play. Yes, I am still using Mag.