Life with Lili

As we talk about on our podcast, life with lIlI can be challenging and fun. So cliched. Shes the perfect baby. She only cries when she poops and needs changing, she sleeps through the night, she lets everybody hold her (on their 2nd try), and she is beautiful. It’s been really fun watching her grow for the last 4 months and see which of her features are from me, and which are from her mom.

edited_2014_09_10_VariousLili_Halifax-61She’s so pretty when she sleeps. I’ve poked her and kissed her so much in her sleep that now she sleeps pretty deep. She usually sleeps in her crib, but, she will fall asleep while she’s breast feeding in the bed, and so sometimes I wake up and she’s all like thisedited_2014_09_10_VariousLili_Halifax-71She can actually reach her hanging toys now and pull them herself. Which means we don’t have to get up every 17 seconds to make it sing. She used to just yell at them, and try and will them into swinging…but girls gotta learn sooner or later she’s not a geenie.edited_2014_09_10_VariousLili_Halifax-91Since she’s been in the womb she’s been shadowboxing. Like her mom, she seems bred for combat sports. I’m hoping she follows in my footsteps and gets into some powerliftingedited_2014_09_10_VariousLili_Halifax-101She’s already getting her pump on with the Bowflex. Good girledited_2014_09_10_VariousLili_Halifax-124Out of context cows. edited_2014_10_24-11-01_VariousLili-4

My grandmother started knitted this bonnet for Lili, and unfortunately passed away before completing it. My mom finished it for us, and it fits her just right. Also, her hands are always in her mouth nowedited_2014_10_24-11-01_VariousLili-7Case in point. edited_2014_10_24-11-01_VariousLili-9We don’t really do the whole Halloween thing, but it still felt like a grand time to try our her very boyish Batman Tee.edited_2014_10_25_Christmas_Craft_Show-31But not for long, we took her out on the town and had to get her red sailor dress all geared up.edited_2014_10_25_Christmas_Craft_Show-45She’s cute, I love her.

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