Maternity Photoshoot

Hey all. I’m still alive. I’ve been super busy taking pics this summer since, well, the animation industry doesn’t seem to want me at the moment. Gotta stay busy!

Here’s some Maternity Photos I took recently, not too shabby I must say for my first time.

1-edited_2014_06_15_Maternity_Photos.16 2-edited_2014_06_15_Maternity_Photos.117 3-edited_2014_06_15_Maternity_Photos.179 5-edited_2014_06_15_Maternity_Photos.29 6-edited_2014_06_15_Maternity_Photos.102  8-edited_2014_06_15_Maternity_Photos.286 9-edited_2014_06_15_Maternity_Photos.318


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