My wife is pregnant and other ramblings

I was thinking the other day, “bumba, I was supposed to get a Powdered Toast Man tattoo at one point in my life”. And then, just like that, my wife is pregnant.

I’m pretty sure that is actually how fatherhood is supposed to begin. You know, with a yearning for toasted carbs slathered in dairy fats. Sounds about right.

Maybe my sucking at animation blog, which is well known to be only updated when I am not under full time contract somewhere, will become a fatherhood blog. Or a “frig I’m stuck at home all day while my pregnant wife works 9-5…and I did just buy a Playstation 4” type of blog. Maybe it’ll be a guilt tripped outporing of desperation filled with bird GIFS

Na, it’ll be the same ol

Bird Son