Depspite the hypocracy, I shall not give up this domain. Also, Guru Studios hired me for a year.

I guess I can’t suck that much at animation if I keep getting jobs when I want them. Despite a 6 month gap in my resume, my time was filled with lovely things. I beat 6 games, made some short films, kept making money, didn’t have to crack into my savings, came 20% close to earning a Unity Development certication, and did a lot of photography. Finally, when my time was up and it was time to go back to work I sent 3 resumes. Within 24 hours I had an interview, and a few days later a job. Guru Studios brought me on board for a Layout position. This is good news for me. Bad news for fans of my blog (my wife).

Alas, I only blog when I need a job. Its hard to suck at animation when someone is paying you to do said maitionani.  All that to say, this site shall, until October 2013, become an experiment in verbal flatulence.

I Suck at Oceans

It’s been a while since I posted an utter horrible attempt at a piece of work. I’d like to say because I’m awesome and don’t make junk. Yes…lets go with that one…and ignore all the potential clients and studios who gander upon here from time to time.

I tried to make a water simulation in Maya. It failed. I remember when I was back in college using Softimage, I always really wanted to make fancy water. I was determined that if I could generate convincing water I’d get a job. Ah to be 18 and niave.

Alas, here is my first attempt in 4 years…all of 60 minutes of effort.


New Resume

I updated my resume to make it look more fancy…and also add the last 2 years of work. It’s funny, my old resume was filled with fluff to make me sound good, but now, it’s scaled back and all facts and I come off looking even better. Hoorah

It can be found by clicking HERE

A new demo reel!


Yes yes. The last time I did a reel was October 2010…and if you saw that one there’s still a lot of the same content. I didn’t change the song, or the intro, because…well…I still like it. It’s my reel.

Alas. I’m learning I don’t suck at animation as much as I once did. People have hired me, I have worked on a few major motion pictures (well…one never made it to theatres so I guess it wasn’t THAT major), as well as 2 full seasons of a TV show. I also learned that being a layout artist means I need to put a few full sequences on my reel to show off my cinematography skills.

I like quick edits and short reels, so hang on…this reel has neither.


I am still working on stuff, like a game or 2. Yes, you heard that right. I’M MAKING A GAME! Details to come eventually when it’s in a condition that will help, not hinder, me transitioning to that industry.

ps: the (not so) major movie I worked on for 5 months as a Matchmover/Tracker, you’ll notice none of that footage is on my reel. Why? Becuase the movie isn’t out yet, and I guess it’s bad to show those things? I’m not a doctor. I just suck at animation.

This is why I didn’t get into Filmaking

You know, I do enjoy making silly little videos. Which actually is a problem, because when I need to make my own work it’s very rare for me to make anything serious when I’m behind a camera. Oh well. I am who I am. That’s why I never got into filmaking. My passion goes south when I have to do work I don’t enjoy. When I spent 4 months working in a newsroom during college I realized I would rather be selling shoes. Which is why I got into animation. I’m so fascinated by the animation industry that I can spends hours working on projects I won’t enjoy in the end because I love the tools and the process so much. I’ve been tinkering around the animation industry for about 7 years now, and I still love everything that I do.

That being said, I really enjoy making silly videos. Here’s the latest. Me and my friend finally got around to watching Modern Family, and when we stumbled upon this song we knew we had to make a video.

We had 45 minutes free during Easter

So while we were waiting for food to be finalized we had a few minutes to play around with my camera. My niece and sister wanted to star in a video, and my wife found a random creepy costume.

I really need to invest in a steady-cam, because the rolling shutter on my Nikon D3100 is absolutely horrible. Especially when I’m shivering.

Alas, this is pretty good seeing how we made it up on the spot, used a built in mic, and had to worry about the sun setting and being eaten by coyotes and wild turkeys. It reminds me of the videos I used to do in college. My style is still the same, and in 45 minutes I managed to shoot a better video then I did in an entire semester during college.


A fun hobby that makes me pennies

If you follow me on YouTube, or at least have at one point in your life checked out my channel ( you’ll know that I like reading. Well, I like eReaders. Actually, I like making videos about eReaders.

At one point, I bought myself a Kobo reader on day 3 launch. I was curious leading up to my purchase to why there was a lack of videos online demonstrating how well the thing viewed PDF’s. There was none. So, I made one the first day I got it. Somehow, that video now has like 34 000 views. It’s really horrible quality, and was shot on a $60 digital camera, and looking at my ‘like’ meter reflects the general public’s opinion.

It wasn’t the video that made me love eReaders, or making videos about them, no. It was the comments. I think for the first time in my life I had discovered that I had a job that people wanted me to do. Yes, I worked at other jobs, and yes I worked at Toronto’s largest animation studio for 15 months. But still, I was always part of a larger team and was completly replaceable (speaking of that I just got laid off).

Commentors were asking me to do other videos. They were emailing me personal documents that they had created or had searched the interwebz for long hours to find the most seeded Torrent file to link me to. For what? So that I could show it on my eReader.

It sounds lame. It really does. But I enjoy it. My channel now has over 100 000 views (barely over, but an interesting stat nontheless) and most of all of those are for eReader based stuff. The highest any of my animation (which isn’t good btw, thus this website) got is around 600 views.

So alas, here are 2 more eReader videos.

* Free Royalty Free Music by

The Dirty Skin on My Desk Will One Day Replace Me

This is a genuine fear that I have. Every day I come in with my dry hands, flaking skin all over the office mouse and think to myself, “this is bad”. As I look at the pile of dried up skin, and feel the bumps from the mouse moving constantly over it disrupting my workflow I start to wonder. What if, when I’m least paying attention, the skin rebels and starts a mutiny? Maybe the company at night releases mutation gas through the vents that causes the dead skin to grow. Maybe it’s all a plan to replace me with a clone of myself that’ll work for free.

Little do they know, if I AM indeed cloned and my brain is duplicated alongside with it, it is highly unlikely I would work for free. Then again, if they have the power to mutate my skin cells at night to clone me, there must be advanced brain washing mechanisms set in place. This is bad.

But then I remember what the root of the problem is. I’m a germaphobe with an imagination. Maybe I should just wipe down my desk to be safe

my skin will clone itself


This Internet Spying Bill

It’s kind of insulting to be a Canadian sometimes. The media gets up in arms about simple location tracking on cell phones and then goes around and doesn’t care about all of our internet usage being watched. I for one don’t care if you know where I am. I can pickup a phonebook and find out where you live, it’s really easy. But for everything I do to be recorded? That’s not acceptable. I don’t want all this data about me being collected and sold for marketing purposes or whatever. That’s the main reason I’m not on Facebook. Anyways, there’s a petition below to oppose the bill.

If you’re interested, sign the petition. For more info visit

Happens to Be a Zombie

5 years ago we made a mockumentary about a Zombie, and what it would be like for him to try to live a normal life without eating people. It didn’t work. It’s moderately snickle worthy, but it served it’s purpose. That purpose? I don’t want to be a producer or video editor. Blooper reel will be up in a few days. Or minutes if anyone’s interested…but seeing how I’ve disabled comments I doubt anyone will notice

Whoa! I’m alive and I got a new demo reel!

Its true its true. I am alive. I never blogged because I had a job! And job = life. But now, I am temporarily unemployed (its been 6 days…have mercy!). But alas, I’m still working away trying to get some old footage for my reel (last job couldn’t legally supply them to us), but here is my reel in progress. I like it, notice the person flying out of the O at the bottom during the intro. Its not a glitch.

Suspicious of Getting Intimate with Water in the Bathtub

Hello to your face. I come forth today with a warning of dire consequences. I have reason to believe that there may be a traitor amongst us…water!

I mean, think about how important it is in our lives and also how much damage it could cause. One day your twittering while on the toilet and BAM your phone slips between your legs into the bacteria cesspool army lead primarily by…WATER! (the true definiation of twitterea in my books). Your phone is instantly ruined.

Picture this moment. A man spends hours, months (even days!) building a beautiful sculpture made of ice. Which contrary to popular belief is just cold water. Amazing. Anyways…when he goes to remove the final legs of the ice sculpture to show his work of art to the world water was right there to ruin his night, and attempt murder in the process. It collapses ruining his dreams, frustrating his life, and causing minutes of depression fueled by an alcoholic overdose. Check the link at the bottom. Completly unacceptable that there were no charges pressed.

Now this picture is the most disturbing. I know many of a you dread prison for the sole purpose of the shower situation. There’s a good chance of you being violated by another human yes, but if you escape, you only escape to a hot and steamy session with…WATER!

I wonder if my girlfriend knows that some nights I yearn to fill up the bathtub with hot steamy water, crawl out of bed, and lay in a tub in all my nakedness with some WATER. Letting it ooze into every crevice of my body while using its sensational powers to both heal and stimulate my achy  breaky body.

Its like some sort of infectious plague that should be treated as a weapon! Kids have it right when they use water as the ammo for their guns. Water, while being deceivingly refreshing, is desensitizing us to its corporate infectious matter. Did you know our bodies are 75% water? Unacceptable. Completly unaceptable. We use water to “water” our gardens, heck, the term “water our gardens” just proves the influence its had on our language! We have dedicated water parks where we play with water. When we get dirty we turn to water to clean up our messes, like its some form of liquid saviour! We can’t escape its wrath, even if we try to avoid it sooner or later water will fall from the sky and ruin our shoes, wet our hair, and damage our sex appeal.

I say we burn water on the stake! But then again, its resistive to fire.

Yeah I’m done this rant, my train is here and I almost wanted to slap the water bottle out of someones hand on the way in.

** Ice Sculpture Fail **

Brilliant inventions and Public Transportation

Brilliant inventions and Public Transportation

So I checked out this set of BOSE noise cancelling (or noise isolating) headphones and they were great! Minus feeling slightly dizzy and on the verge of up chucking, they did what they were supposed to do. I tried them on at Futureshop and once on everything was completly dead silent. Dead air. Brilliant! I didn’t even need music! The way these things work is they have another speaker that monitors the ambient sound level, then shoots some sort of reverse soundwave at you that almost 100% kills any outside noise

So I got thinking, can’t I just like reverse engineer a megaphone and use it like a sonic wave gun to silence people on the train? I mean, in between kids not wanting headphones (mp3 players with built in speakers = worst idea ever), to teens doing their loud teen thing, to loud phone talkers who think by yelling “I CANT HEAR YOU” loudly in their phones makes the person louder on the other end. Or sometimes people just give too much info. Example, Jimmy Neutron over here just had a nice 10 minute phone conversation with someone who has a tumour, is in the hospital in room 1A, and gave his phone number for all to hear. I considered sending him a text telling him to shutup. It would have been entertaining watching him try to figure out who sent it. Maybe next time.

So back to the sonic wave gun. I use some of those screw into your ear tube headphone when I walk around Toronto or ride the train. I rarely listen to anything, keep it mainly as a means to block out the noise. But the truth is, I’d rather not have to. I’d rather shoot them with my sonic wave gun and have all their voices silent. Maybe ill engineer it, and put it inside my old Hulk Hogan lunchbox. That’ll teach them!

Whatcha gonna do brother! When I shoot you in the face with my 23 inch sonic wave gun brother!

The 2nd GWL Promo Video: Boi-Yu in Call of Duty 4

We didn’t want to try to outdo the previous video (and rightfully so), so instead we went for a more simple approach. Also, we’re still not sure on the whole legalities of using game footage for promotion…

Anyways, here is the latest GWL video!

ps: it’s hard to make time for stuff now that I’m working full time!

pss: Mikkel provided the excellent voices/grunts for Boi-Yu, and yours truly did the voices of the promoter and the chicken

Whats up with my face

I have a filthy beard growing in right now. It makes me look like a 25 year old as opposed to an 18 year old. Which is always good when I want to buy milk. I do prefer 1% milk, actually the homo milk is quite nice, but its like 38% fat. Thats too much, it’ll go right to my hips.

On another note, I can’t call my hair vibe style a faux hawk anymore. Because theres nothing fake about it. In fact, its all natural. For a day or 12, it was a fro hawk, good old afro. My hair isn’t that curly anymore, so its not a fro hawk, its not a faux hawk…its a gerry curl hawk. I’ve demonstrated this progression by sketching the following lifelike image, which I’ve attached below

somebody hurt somebody

As you can tell, its almost as if my head is covered in some sort of pubic fur. That is inaccurate. In fact, the circumfrance of each curl is 1 inch (2.54 cm) (0.000003937007874 km). My curls would outrun Terry Fox. Its a good thing I refuse to enter them into any competition, theres too many steroid abuse anyways

Rough Storyboard for the next GWL promo

So, sometimes it’s easier to just animate out my thoughts then write them down. Yes. This is a rough animatic storyboard to some ideas of what the next GWL video may look like. We start filming tomorrow, so we should figure out what we want.

There’s still no connection between the chicken and anything else. Maybe we might serve chicken…who knows. And yes the characters are all plain default ones. And yes I used most of all the XSI net animations

Walrus Bucket Problems

I’m not sure what it is about this, but I keep laughing every time I see these

Walrus has bucket
Walrus has bucket

All is well in the world, the walrus has his bucket. And then, almost ruthlessly, this happens:

Walrus doesn't have bucket
Walrus doesn't have bucket

All this walrus hatering has to stop. First the ones from Planet Earth, when that polar bear tried to eat one, then to Snarly my walrus son being nothing more then a hallucination.

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