What I’ve been up to!

So, my blogs slowed down, but my brain hasn’t!

Here’s what happened. Turns out I got a job, yay! I’m a rotoscope artist for a company called Simex-Iwerks. AWESOME! I haven’t yet started, so what else have I been doing?

Mostly, planning my escape from my house, moving out, trying to figure out how to handle my life when I’m on a regular schedule. The only option I can see right now is buying a touch screen hack for my laptop, and a 3G stick, and trying to cram it in there. That really has nothing to do with anything, but that’s alright.

In other news, I am in the progress of growing a mean afro

My next project…

So, its been a week since I posted. NOT COOL. The family from Europe is gone back home and I have my rooms back, this means down to business time.

Since I suck at animation, I should probably focus on the aspects of 3D I’m good at…or decent at. I’ve decided I’m going to find some free 3D models, toss them in a scene, render/light them, and throw them on my portfolio! Just waiting to hear back from the duders who provided the models if I can do that.

SO, my next piece I’ll be working on is a 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 Super CobraJet. I don’t know much about cars, but this one looks fancy and is a free 3D model, so here’s what his render looks like.

Fancy Car
Fancy Car

And since he modelled it in Maya, and I’m using Softimage, theres bound to be some issues. It imported nicely, but no colour

That’s alright, I wanted it brown anyways…


Who knew I had family that was Irish. I always thought that shirt I have that says, “I have Irish roots” was comedic gold because…brown Irish people? Come on!!!

But now that shirt can go into the failed novelty drawer. ANYWAYS, don’t expect many updates for the next few weeks as my family is over and I am lacking a room

My adventure at the sleep clinic

So, I suck at this sleeping thing. Turns out its not just my sucking but its potentialy some sort of medicle nonsense.


EITHER way I spent last night in a sleep lab. It was odd. Heres some pics of wires they stuck on me and what I had to sleep with…or attempt to sleep with.

The Personality Module Adapter…This is what they hooked up my brain too. I was clearly on the local network, I could have probably logged on with my iPod touch.

brain computer
brain computer

Here’s some of the wires on my face. This was before they stuck the thingies up my nose and mouth, and gluegunned sensors to my brain. All together they had 32 sensors on me tracking my every eye motion, legs, arms, chest, and things all over my brain. They could read my mind!!!

wires on my face
wires on my face

This kind of looked like a Battleship board. Anyways, this is where they plugged in all my wires from around my body in. GOOD TIMES. Try sleeping with that thing on ya

Bootleg Iron Man
Bootleg Iron Man?
At the end of the night all was well. Except, I barly slept. I had a solid hour or so, maybe more. Could have been like 4, but the people who were watching over me said they weren’t getting enough good chart reading from my brainwaves becuase I wasn’t sleeping good. Thats what happens. At least the room looked nice
Motel brain wave swan
Motel brain wave swan
Uhh…thats all. This is my first non animation post…I hope no one pees on me for it

Aliens deserve backhands…or how not to pistolwhip a hobo alien with a gattling gun…part 1

Good morning! Or whatever time it is…


Today, i spent a good hour, maybe more, attempting to animate using a packaged XSI rig/character. Horrible idea. Very horrible. Besides the fact that I’m still learning this whole animation thing and have lots of work left to do…these rigs just suck. They implode, explode, dance from side to side when not needed, and most importantly they don’t work. Here is a result, deemed a success from the lens of whoever it was that said ‘when you fail you just found another way to not do what you were trying to do’. Hmm, I think it was Edison, and I’m pretty sure he said it smoother then that. NONETHELESS, here is how NOT to do a pistolwhip a hobo alien with a gattling gun, part 1

Did you notice I even made the screen flash green for a few frames during the point of contact? Sexy

The process of a walk cycle

Walk cycles are hard, I was determined to do one everyday to be a better animator. I think that lasted 3 days.

Heres my progress with quick hand drawn lameholes in Flash

Attempt 1: This dude is way to happy while having a bumski like that

Attempt 2: My attempt at a rockstar stickman

Attempt 3: That sheep done getting his swagger on!

Attempt 4: This one worked…although strolling when the earth on fire might not be so wise

Why do I suck at animation?

Here’s my story. I’m a recent grad with a diploma in Computer Animation. I wanted to do modeling and lighting/rendering. Now I want to do character animation. Its a strange choice, but my brain doesn’t work how most other brains work, so it only makes sense for me to animate what I see in my head.

The problem is, we were never taught much character animation in my 3 years of schooling. I learned Softimage XSI and everything to do with modeling/rendering etc, but characters? I kind of just phased those out.

So this blog is an ongoing progression of my development in character animation…and the many failures that come along with that. I guess it also makes sense to post my latest demo reel…which is probably 8 months old and has nothing new I’ve done on it…

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