Some Family Photoshoots

I realized somewhere today that I really need to start charging people money to do photoshoots. I saw a “professional” photographer at Point Pleasant Park today in Halifax doing a photo shoot. They asked me if they could take some pictures of me. I said no. And then they proceeded to ask me all these details about my sun reflector setup, my flashes, my triggers…everything. She had clients with her. I was taking better pictures, and she was making the money. Power to her! She’s hustling out there. One thing I’m not so good at.

The biggest issue I have when I’m photographing is that I’m kind of a jerk, and I don’t think I’m that good. I still think most of my shots are due to my camera being good.  But I guess that’s a common thing for artists always thinking they aren’t good enough. I should put it out there and see if I can make some money. Looking back on the $3000 I paid my wedding photographer, I’m confident I can take better shots.

Regardless, here are some family shots I’ve been taking of our little 3 human family.

edited_2014_11_08_Lili_photoshoot-9I wish I would’ve been in this shot. I was making the same face at Lili to get her to smile like such. Also notice the light pattern in the top left? I was bouncing the flash off my guitar strings and it was doing that jazz. Noiceedited_2014_11_08_Lili_photoshoot-17I’m a big fan of the Bokeh on the Christmas treeedited_2014_11_11_PointPleasantPark-48It’s hard to avoid tangents going through my head when I’m setting the camera on a timer and Lili’s squirming aroundedited_2014_11_11_PointPleasantPark-56  I probably should’ve got up and moved that garbage pail…edited_2014_11_11_PointPleasantPark-100 These were some nice shots at Point Pleasent Park on the arm. This first one was set to a nice 6 second shutter. It was super slippery and pitch black out, so my 1.8 lens came in handy.edited_2014_11_11_PointPleasantPark-94 Sadly though, and iPhone 6 was dropped into the water during this series of shots. Slippery rocks apologize to no one!

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