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So I got up and moved to Halifax

Haven’t posted for a few months. You know what that means? I got another surgery?


I got a lengthy (ish) contract. This time all the way out in Halifax at:

DHX-LogoSo that’s fancy. I won’t be posting as much as a result, or posting much animation related work. Although, I guess I don’t really anyways. Most of this blog is going to be photography and my sweet baby Lili (remember spelt lIlI for all you noobie noobs).

I decided to drive down with my Jeep full of whatever would fit. We found a random guy on Kijiji to do a rideshare with who was willing to take our beds, dressers, and other large furniture for only $300! That’s insane. So I paid him $500 because not only did he not murder me, he loaded up the truck in Ajax and unloaded once we got to Halifax. Man worked up a sweat. There are good people left in the world.

The drive was supposed to take 17 hours, but took 28 because of construction limiting the highway most of the way through New Brunswick from 110km/h to 50m/h. Here are some of the better pictures we took:2014_09_03_DriveToHalifax (19) 2014_09_03_DriveToHalifax (26) 2014_09_03_DriveToHalifax (30)You can’t really tell from this angle because of the shadow, but the weight from all our gear in the back dropped the back end of the vehicle down about a foot. We were definitely over our load capacity. We even strapped the spare tire onto the roof and loaded the spare tire wheel well with packed goodies.2014_09_03_DriveToHalifax (34) 2014_09_03_DriveToHalifax (41)This guy drove behind us for around 2 hours. I sped up, I slowed down, he was always the same distance behind me. I guess he liked my wind tunnel. 2014_09_03_DriveToHalifax (45) 2014_09_03_DriveToHalifax (65)When we first saw these hills in New Brunswick we were in awe. 6 hours later we hated them. There is nothing our there, those poor kids.2014_09_03_DriveToHalifax (88)Shutter was too slow. Though, thats pretty much what it looked like after driving for 24 hours straight.edited_2014_09_10_VariousLili_Halifax-57Shortly after arriving, I marvel at the masterpiece of pulling a 40 hour run without sleep.

And here’s some shots from around town the first day I was here.2014_08_20_Halifax_Apartment_Hunting (57) 2014_08_20_Halifax_Apartment_Hunting (61)Not sure what’s going on with this tree, it looks beat from the wind. Its beautiful.2014_08_20_Halifax_Apartment_Hunting (71) 2014_08_20_Halifax_Apartment_Hunting (73)I was not expecting this city to be so hilly. This is like San Fran levels.2014_08_20_Halifax_Apartment_Hunting (76)Speaking of hills…the entire City is built around this Citadel Hill.2014_08_20_Halifax_Apartment_Hunting (82) 2014_08_20_Halifax_Apartment_Hunting (83) 2014_08_20_Halifax_Apartment_Hunting (88) 2014_08_20_Halifax_Apartment_Hunting (91)This looked like a house fly, but wearing batman armor. He was very friendly, like most of the people in this city.