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I have a Podcast

Those of a you whom have the pleasure of knowing me personally, know that I have been trying to find a partner or group of people who would be willing and able to do a weekly podcast. I was ready to do yet another gaming podcast, a nothing podcast where we just talk about life’s happenings, or a men’s podcast or anything that I have knowledge about. Then I realized…my wife is having a baby! Plus one of my long term goals is to be a marriage councilor with my wife (when we’re like 50). Why don’t I do a podcast with my wife about marriage and babies and pizza?

Great idea!

So we have officially launched the Mommy Daddy Baby Pizza Podcast! We’ve recorded 2 episodes, and you can subscribe here:

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This was my first time actually getting something onto iTunes and getting approved by the Apple machine so it is very exciting for me. I’ll change the quick link at the top of this blog that used to point to Tamara’s blog to point to the podcast site now.  Enjoy!

Podcast Image