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Stuggles with Unity

Whoa it’s been like 3 months since my last entry! My bad. To be fair, I did have some gungey nose surgery that I was told would heal in a few days…and actually took close to a month for me to be normal. I mean, everything that was sweet suddenly smelt like rotting flesh, and everything stinky smelt like rotten flesh. I guess I had no nose sensors for a bit. I couldn’t even work out for a month…which was fun. I didn’t feel bad about it, sort of saw it as a vacation.

Anyways, I’ve been taking courses on Unity again in between dealing with my wife being on mat leave and spending all the money on nesting. More about that on our podcast if you’re interested.

I was having weird issues with Unity. Because I have a pro license for the old 3.5.7 version most of the fancy tutorials I find are for the new version so help is a little bit harder to come by. Seeing as the new version is free though, I may as well upgrade.

I was making a test level where I just generated a terrain map with some trees, and threw in some free T-posed minions .obj’s that I found and shot them. They lit on fire then flew to the sky. I couldn’t get the Android SDK working quite right so no apk for posting. Only this picture