Watch me die like 38 times in Killzone

Man, Killzone Shadow Fall. Pretty game. Though honestly, it feels like a PS3 game with less compressed textures. Some of the models are nice, but most of the geo is fairly low res. They make up for it with a lot of tricks with the lighting. Painting on shadows always feels cheap to me, but hey, corners have to be cut. No point procedurally generating the top of helium tanks hidden away in a space train right?

What the heck is up with the level design sometimes though? For instance, take a gander at this here video.

So, I jump out of some sort of airplane or (I really don’t remember what I jumped out of) and then proceed to glide through a broken city. I die. Lots. I think the total number was 38. Not all of it was even caught on the feed here. Eventually I figured it out, but seriously, if you’re some sort of trained soldier who always has an inflatable raft in his pocket, why wouldn’t you just pull out your parachute and glide around in the air in your raft?

Blah. Capturing footage and getting it online(without a fancy game streamer box) is surpringly more complicated then I’d imagine on the Playstation 4. Live streams work great. In fact, follow me above on Twitch! I wish you could just upload directly to YouTube, but turns out I had to make a temp Facebook account to post all my videos to. Then use a shifty web video downloader to snatch the video off Facebook, THEN I can upload it to YouTube. I’m sure Sony is working on it, adding support for direct YouTube uploads. I just hope there’s an options for a direct 60fps 1080p capture…and that our videos wont be taken down if we drop more than 2 F bombs.

Sorry for the rant. I just wanted pretzels, and we had none.

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